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Roles are not BW-specific objects and therefore do not exist in different versions (A/D). Instead, the delivery version and the active customer version are identified by namespaces.


BI Content roles are identified by the prefix SAP_BW_ and are copied to the SAP_BWC_ namespace when you activate BI Content.

You can use the BW Transport Connection to transport roles that are delivered with SAP BI Content and customer-own roles.

If you want to modify roles that were delivered by SAP, you must first activate them and then copy them to the namespace SAP_BWC_.


We recommend that you always transport roles using the Data Warehousing Workbench BW transport connection.


When transporting from role maintenance (transaction PFCG), you need to decide whether the user assignments are to be transported and not just the authorization profiles.

Do not transport any roles that lie in the SAP_BW_ namespace. After an upgrade, these roles are overwritten with the new SAP delivery version.


  1. Gather together the roles that you want to transport, as you would for a standard transport.

  2. Select the roles and choose Transport Objects. The Prompt for Transport Requests dialog box appears.

  3. Write the objects to an existing transport request or create a new transport request. Press Continue.