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Roles are not BW-specific objects and therefore do not exist in different versions (A/D). Instead, the delivery version and the active customer version are identified by namespaces. The delivering party specifies a namespace in which they develop their BI Content roles.


BI Content roles are identified by the prefix SAP_BW_ and are copied to the SAP_BWC_ namespace when you activate BI Content (see Transporting Roles).

If the delivering BW customer uses a registered namespace (such as /ABC/) (see Using Namespace for Developing BW Objects), they must also use this namespace for the roles that they deliver. The system recognizes roles in this namespace as content roles. These roles are copied to a customer namespace when they are activated from the content. This customer namespace is proposed by the delivering party but can be changed by the customer.


You can make various settings in Content System Administration (transaction RSOCONTENT) depending on whether you are working in a content system or a customer system. Choose Namespace for Roles. The Customer Namespaces for BI Content screen appears.

In a Content system you can create new delivery namespaces. These are automatically written to transport requests. You propose a customer namespace with the first delivery. Changes to the customer namespace are not effective if the delivery namespace has already been transported to the customer. The set customer namespace remains the active one for your customer.

In a customer system, you can change the customer namespaces for roles. We recommend that changes are only made at the start of a project if roles have not yet been transferred from the content.


If you change a customer namespace after roles have been transferred from content, the relations between the transferred roles and the roles to be delivered are lost. A second customer version is generated if you transfer a new role of this type from the content.