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Customers of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) can develop their own content and deliver it to their business units. In the following text, we refer to these business units as BW customers.

BW customers can also make limited modifications and changes to BI Content delivered by SAP. However, whenever new BI Content is shipped, you have to compare and merge the different versions manually.

  1. Set up your own system landscape for creating and delivering customer content and make the relevant system settings.

    More information:

    System Landscape

    Making System Settings for Content Creation

  2. Define a namespace for your developments.

    More information: Using Namespaces for Developing BW Objects

  3. Develop customer BI Content in the BW and OLTP systems.

    More information:

    Creating and Shipping Custom Content in the BW System

    Creating and Shipping Custom Content in the OLTP System

  4. Deliver the customer content to your customers.

    More information:

    Creating and Shipping Custom Content in the BW System

    Creating and Shipping Custom Content in the OLTP System


Namespace for Developing BW Objects

  • You can use your own namespace (see Using Namespaces for Developing BW Objects).

  • Note also Features when Transporting Roles. We recommend the following schema when assigning the namespace: Delivery namespace /ABC/ → customer namespace /ABC/C_. This corresponds to the SAP namespaces for roles (delivery namespace SAP_BW_ → customer namespace SAP_BWC_). However, this means that you cannot create roles beginning with "C_".

Delivery of BW Objects

We recommend delivering customer content using the Add-On Assembly Kits instead of using transports, as described in the documentation. Using this tool, you can combine the BW objects that you have developed into one add-on. You can also specify installation conditions (lSAP releases for example) in your customers' systems. You can also simplify the maintenance of your delivered content by providing your own release and support package status for each delivery. This allows you to see which content version is installed in your customers' systems.

The Add-On Assembly Kit is not part of SAP NetWeaver and must be purchased separately. No additional tools are required in your customers' systems: The transactions for implementing your add-ons are available in all SAP systems.

If you want SAP to certify your content, send an e-mail to the Integration and Certification Center ( You can use this address to purchase the Add-On Assembly Kit together with an add-on certification contract.

Data flow modeling is not supported

Data flows (object type DMOD) cannot be modeled in systems that are set as content systems. The object tree for data flows is not visible in Data Warehousing Workbench in content systems, and data flows cannot be edited in transaction RSDF.