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On the Generated Properties tab page in BW metadata search / BW document administration, you can check the characteristics that you want to use as properties of documents for InfoProvider data in order to see whether document properties have been generated from them already.


In the table you can see the characteristics that are document properties, along with their generation status.

If there are still errors, choose the Generate Document Properties function to regenerate the document properties.


In the maintenance screens for characteristics, you have to set the Characteristic is a document property indicator for all the characteristics that you want to use as properties of documents for InfoProvider data.

When the characteristics are activated, the system generates the document properties from these characteristics, and inserts them as instance-attributes for the document classes for InfoProvider data (BW_PH_TRAN and BW_LO_TRAN).


You can look at these attributes and document classes in the Document Modeling Workbench in the BW (Business Warehouse) document area.

When it creates them, the system writes the document properties to a transport request. This is for technical reasons. You should write the document classes to a separate transport request which is not transported. It is enough to transport the characteristics with the Characteristic is a document property setting.

When you have transported the characteristics, you must generate the document properties in the target system.


The generation process does not run automatically in the after-import handling of the characteristics. The system tells the database that the generation process has not started yet. The process that generates the document properties is triggered the first time you call document management in the target system.

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