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Administration of BW Metadata Search and BW DocumentsLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the Documents functional area of the Data Warehousing Workbench, you choose the Administration function to:

  • Specify the storage type as a physical storage medium for the documents that you want to create.

  • Place documents into the indexing queue and schedule the queue to be processed as a regular job, to ensure that the documents are included in the search.

  • Check whether the properties for the documents for InfoProvider data have been generated from the characteristics that they were supposed to be generated from.


Document management can be applied to documents of all document classes. It covers the functions that are necessary, or useful

  • At the start of a project

  • After the BW system has been upgraded

  • While you are working on a project


Different functions from the following areas are available on the tab pages:

Additionally, the following special functions are available in the toolbar:



Edit Valid File Types

See Editing Valid File Types.

Document modeling workbench

You use this function to get an overview of the document model.

The Document Modeling Workbench screen appears. In the entity tree, you find the following directories under the BW nodes:

  • Connection areas

  • LOIO classes (Log. doc. class)

  • PHIO classes (Doc. classes)

  • Relationship classes

  • IO (InfoObject) attributes

  • Context classes

The document modeling view only provides information.

When creating a document, the document class is preset; LOIO and PHIO classes are displayed as technical information. See Creating Documents.

Search server relations

See Retrieval: Search Server Relation Monitor.