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The storage category for documents is the physical means of storing documents. The default storage category is the SAP database. On the Document Content Repository tab page in the BW metadata search/BW document administration, you can change the storage category for the documents that you want to create for a particular document class.


Depending on the requirements of your application, we recommend that you decide on the best storage category before you start a project.

  • SAP system database

    Administration effort: Minimal

    Access time: With large numbers of documents and individual users, accessing the documents (over the network) is slower than if you use a HTTP content server.

  • HTTP content server

    Administration effort: High

    Access time: The HTTP content server can be implemented in stages and the caching method means that you can access documents quickly, even with very large number of documents and a large number of different users.


    You can only change the content repository if there are no documents in the selected document class.

    If documents do exist, you cannot access them once you have changed the storage category.

    If you want to transfer these documents to the HTTP content server, you have to first move the documents from the SAP database to the HTTP content server. Contact your SAP consultant or contact SAP directly.


The settings for each document class are displayed on the Document Content Repository tab page:

  • Storing documents for metadata

  • Storing documents for master data

  • Storing documents for InfoProvider data

The system displays the settings for the following fields:


What You Need to Know

Content repository

Choose Content Repository Maintenance. The Change Content Repositories: Detail screen appears. This is part of the content management framework. You can choose between Simple Administration and Full Administration.

In the Business Intelligence document area, there is a selection list which includes the following storage categories.

  • HTTP content server

  • SAP system database

  • RFC archive

  • Structure repository

    Only the first two types are valid for Business Intelligence.

    Choose Back to return to the Change Content Repositories: Overview screen.

Storage category

In this field, the system displays the selected storage category, SAP system database or HTTP content server.

If you want to change the storage category, choose Content Repository Maintenance.

Number of logical documents

For more information about logical and physical documents, see Documents.

Number of physical documents