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The following executable program creates a standard list:


REPORT demo_list_standard.
TABLES spfli.
ULINE AT /(62).
SELECT * FROM spfli WHERE connid GE 0017
AND connid LE 0400.
WRITE: / sy-vline, spfli-connid, sy-vline,
(15) spfli-cityfrom, 26 sy-vline,
31 spfli-cityto, 51 sy-vline, 62 sy-vline,
/ sy-vline, 8 sy-vline,
spfli-deptime UNDER spfli-cityfrom, 26 sy-vline,
spfli-arrtime UNDER spfli-cityto, 51 sy-vline,
spfli-fltime, 62 sy-vline.
ULINE AT /(62).
WRITE: /10 'SAP *** SAP *** SAP *** SAP *** SAP *** SAP',
/19(43) 'Flight Information System',
/19(43) 'International Connections'.



The SELECT statement reads selected lines from the database table SPFLI. Within the SELECT loop, the WRITE , SKIP , and ULINE statements output fields of the table work area SPFLI as well as horizontal and vertical lines to the list.

Standard Page Header

The standard page header consists at least of a two-line standard header. The first line of the standard header contains the list header and the page number. The second line is made up of a horizontal line. When the program is executed, the list header is stored in the system field sy-title . If necessary, you can add up to four lines of column headers and another horizontal line to the standard header.

GUI Status for the Standard List explains how to maintain list and column headers.

The width of the standard page header is automatically adapted to the window width.

If the user scrolls vertically through the list, the standard page header remains visible. Only the list beneath the header is scrolled.

If the user scrolls horizontally through the list, list header and page number remain visible.

Standard Page

Beneath the page header, the output data appears. The standard list consists of one single page of dynamic length (internal limit: 60,000 lines). The output length is determined by the current list size.

The output screen includes a vertical scrollbar that allows the user to scroll through lists whose pages are longer than the window.

Width of the Standard List

The width of the standard list depends on the width of the window from which the program is started. If the user's window size is smaller than or equal to the standard window size, the width of the standard page conforms to the standard window width. The user may have to scroll to view all parts of the list. If the user's window size exceeds the standard window width, the width of the standard list conforms to the window width selected. In short, the standard list is at least as wide as the standard window. The width of the standard window depends on the operating system.

The output screen includes a horizontal scrollbar that allows the user to scroll through lists wider than the window.