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You can generate horizontal lines on the output screen by using the following syntax:


ULINE [AT [/][ pos ][( len )]].

This is equivalent to

WRITE [AT [/][ pos ][( len )]] SYULINE.

The format specifications after AT are exactly the same as the format specifications described for the WRITE statement in Positioning Write Output on the List .

If there are no format specifications, the system starts a new line and fills it with a horizontal line. Otherwise, horizontal lines are output as specified.

Another way of generating horizontal lines is to type the appropriate number of hyphens in a WRITE statement as follows:

WRITE [AT [/][ pos ][( len )]] '-----...'.

Vertical Lines

You generate vertical lines on the output screen by using the following syntax:


WRITE [AT [/][ pos ]] SYVLINE.


WRITE [AT [/][ pos ]] '|'.

Blank Lines

You can generate blank lines on the screen by using the following syntax:


SKIP [n ].

Starting with the current line, this statement generates n blank lines on the output screen. If no value is specified for n , one blank line is output. The limits to be taken into consideration for this statement are described in the keyword documentation.

Another option available for creating blank lines is to place the output data in a particular line on the screen.



This statement allows you to move the output position upwards or downwards.

In the standard setting, you cannot create empty lines with the WRITE statement alone. For further information and examples, refer to the section Creating Blank Lines in the chapter on creating complex lists.