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Deleting Already Updated DataLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to delete requests that have already been updated in connected InfoProviders, you have to adjust the connected InfoProviders manually.


  1. In the administration of the InfoProvider, choose the tab page Requests. For your request to be deleted, choose the pushbutton Data Mart Status for the Data Target. The following dialog box displays the request that was updated in additional data targets. Keep the description of this request in mind.

  2. Choose Monitor on this dialog box . You arrive at the monitor for this request.

  3. Choose Manage InfoProviders. You arrive at the administration for the connected InfoProvider.

  4. Delete the respective request.

  5. This takes you to the source DataStore object administration screen.

  6. Reset the delta administration. To do this, choose Data Mart Status for the InfoProvider and from the subsequent dialog box, choose Reset Delta Administration.

  7. Now you can also delete the respective request from the source DataStore object. You can now load data as full data or delta data again.