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Example for Activating and Updating DataLocate this document in the navigation structure


The graphic below shows how data is updated in a DataStore object and the effect of the activation step.

  1. Request 1 with amount 10 and request 2 with amount 30 are loaded parallel into the DataStore object. This takes you to the activation queue. You are given a unique request ID there.

  2. When you carry out the activation step, the requests are sorted by key, transferred into the table containing the active data, and immediately deleted from the activation queue. In the table containing the active data, the amount 10 is replaced by 30 (since Overwrite is set as the update type).

  3. When you activate the data, the change log is also notified: The old record from the active table is saved as a negative (-10) and the new record is stored as a positive (+30).

  4. If all the records are activated, you can update the changes to the data records for the DataStore object in the related InfoProvider in a separate step. The amount in this example is increased in the related InfoProviders by 20.