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If you have loaded data into a DataStore object, you can use this DataStore object as the source for another InfoProvider. To do this, the data must be active. Use process chains to ensure that one process has ended before any subsequent processes are triggered.

More information: Process Chain

and Including DataStore Objects in Process Chains


Process flow for updating data from DataStore objects:

  1. Activation of Data in DataStore Objects: The data is located in the activation queue. When you activate the data, the change log is filled with all the data required for a delta update, and the data appears in the active-data table.

  2. Posting the data to the connected InfoProviders. In this step, the system uses the transformation rules to post the data that has not been processed in the change log (the delta) yet to other InfoProviders. Here, the data is already available in a cleansed and consolidated format.