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Under Administration in the Data Warehousing Workbench, you can use Metadata Search/Documents on the Metadata Indexing tab to check the required settings for the metadata search, and to index the metadata.


The Metadata Indexing tab has the following fields and functions:

Status Display



Status of Search Engine

The system indicates whether the TREX server is configured correctly.

Display options: OK/Not Fully Installed

Status Search/Indexing

The system displays the indexing and search status.

  • Not yet indexed

  • Indexing is running

  • Indexing complete

RFC Connection

The system displays the current RFC connection to the TREX search engine.

If you want to use a different RFC connection, use input help in the BW system to select one.


For more information about installing the search engine and creating and entering an RFC connection, see Start of the navigation path SAP Reference IMG Next navigation step SAP Customizing Implementation Guide Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step Business Warehouse Next navigation step Connectivity of TREX End of the navigation path.


In general, an indexing with default settings is sufficient.

By choosing Schedule Initial and Delta Indexing, you start indexing with the default settings: The system performs an initial indexing run, followed by delta indexing every five minutes.

Delta Indexing with Default Settings



Status of Indexing Job

The system indicates whether the indexing job has been scheduled.

Display options: scheduled/not scheduled

Start Date

The system displays the date and time of the scheduled execution of the indexing job.


The default value for the frequency of delta indexing is every five minutes.

If you want to make additional settings, use Special Functions to choose expert mode.

The following functions are available in expert mode:

Schedule Delta Indexing

The Start Time dialog box appears. Confirm that the indexing program should run as a regular job. This ensures that the index queue is processed regularly.

Initial Indexing

The Initial Index for TLOGO Objects in TREX Server screen appears.

You can specify whether to index one or all object types, active or content objects.

You can trigger a new index by choosing Delete Data Indexed Before.

In Expert Mode, you can enter one or more object names and languages and start indexing again with restricted criteria. In the default setting, the logon language is predefined.

Configure Object Types for Search

A screen with a list of all the object types relevant to the BW metadata search and the related search/index status appears. The selected object types are available for indexing and search.

You can exclude individual object types from the search or indexing by deselecting the flag. The system can then only search for the object type in a database search. This is a slower, case-sensitive search option that does not support searching for attributes.

If you reselect active objects for the search or indexing, you should perform an initial indexing.


Note that an object type is available for indexing and search after it has been selected. However, the last change made to the object type is only implemented in the index when you perform initial indexing again.

Delete index

If you delete the index, the TREX search is deactivated. (The indexing status changes to Not Indexed). When a search request is made, the system reads from the database; this requires considerably more time.

To reactivate the TREX search, you need to perform initial indexing again.



What you need to know

Job Overview

The Simple Job Selection screen appears. The Job Name field contains the name of the indexing job.


You can also restrict the jobs to be displayed in the overview with respect to Job Status, Job StartCondition, and Job Step. To display a scheduled job, you must select the Planned option under Job Status. For more information, choose Information.

Choose Execute. The Job Overview screen appears. For more information, see Managing Jobs with the Job Overview.

Indexing Logs

The Analyze Application Log screen appears. To display the initial and delta indexing logs, enter the following external identifiers:

* : Logs for initial and delta indexing

INITIAL_INDEX: Logs for initial indexing

ID DELTA_INDEX: Logs for delta indexing

Choose Execute.

Metadata Search


What you need to know


You start the BW metadata search on the Simple Search screen.


For more information about the different types of BW metadata search, see BW Metadata Search.