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If your data flow is modeled with transformations when using a new or emulated DataSource, the InfoPackage only loads to the PSA. Data is distributed in the BW system using the data transfer process.

Only parameters that have not yet been defined in the DataSource are defined on the tabs in InfoPackage maintenance. Parameters that refer to the target of the data update that follows the PSA are defined in the data transfer process.


You are in an object tree in Data Warehousing Workbench.

  1. Select the required DataSource and choose Creating InfoPackages in the context menu.

  2. The BW Scheduler appears.

  3. On the Data Selection tab, define the selection criteria for the data transfer. If there are hierarchies, define which hierarchy you want to load on the Hierarchy Selection tab.

  4. The Extraction tab page shows you the settings made in the DataSource for the adapter and data format.

  5. On the Processing tab page, define if the consistency check should be performed for characteristics. Under Parallelism, define how the parallel processing of the processes should be performed. Since the data is only updated in the PSA, no further definitions are required to update the data.

  6. On the Update tab page, define the update mode if required. The possible selections are displayed depending on the DataSource.

  7. If required, define if the data should also be updated if there is no master data for the data, or if no data update should be performed if a characteristic does not have any master data.

  8. If necessary, define the time selection for time-dependent data.

  9. Save the InfoPackage.


You can now use the InfoPackage in a process chain. It is available there as a process variant for process type Execute InfoPackage. Alternatively, you can schedule the InfoPackage in the scheduler. We recommend using process chains.

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