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Closing Requests Using Process ChainsLocate this document in the navigation structure


When you transfer data using a Web service or real-time data acquisition (using a SAPI and a Web service), the InfoPackage requests (PSA requests) remain open across several load processes. The requests are closed when the threshold values set in the InfoPackage are reached, and new requests are opened with which the data transfer is continued. With process type Close Real-Time InfoPackage Request, you can close an open PSA request before the threshold values are reached.

This means that you can use a Web service to send data to the PSA in BW and then use the standard scheduling process to update it further.

You can also close requests in this way to perform regular analyses at set times on an InfoProvider that is downstream from the InfoProvider that you are using for real-time data acquisition.


  1. In the process chain, choose process type Close Real-Time InfoPackage Request.

  2. On the next screen, enter a technical name for the process variant and choose Create.

  3. On the next screen, enter a description for the process variant and choose Continue.

    The maintenance screen for the process variant appears.

  4. In the table, select the InfoPackage for which you want to close a request.

  5. Choose Save and go back.


    So as not to affect performance, do not schedule this process for more than once an hour. If you schedule the process more frequently, the system may generate so many requests that performance is affected.


When the process chain is run, the system closes the PSA request, as well as the DTP and activation request, if applicable.