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In the plan and check views of the process chain maintenance, you can display a table overview which shows how the process types are configured. You can also apply this configuration to process types you have implemented yourself. Choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Maintain Process Types End of the navigation path.


You specify the following information in process type maintenance:


What You Need to Know

Process Type

Specifies the technical name of the process type.

Short description


Long description



Specifies the class in which the interfaces that are required for this process type are implemented.

Object Type


Possible Events

Possible events that can be triggered after the process run:

  • Process finished "successfully" or "with errors"

  • Process finished, status unspecified

  • Process is always the last process in a chain

  • Process finished with complex status

    You use this setting to control the flow of the process chain on the basis of a logic with multiple values. For predecessor processes that end successfully, you can define flexible process paths on the basis of multi-value decisions. The process type has to implement interface IF_RSPC_MULTI_EVENT.

    If you want to link this process to a successor process, you can select from the valid end statuses for a process that finished successfully.

    See also: Process type Decisions


If an instance is terminated, you can repeat the process. If you repeat a process, the system generates a new instance.

See also: Repairing/Repeating Terminated Processes

Rep. (Repairable)

If an instance is terminated, you can repair the process. This means that you can repeat the process with the same instance.

See also: Repairing/Repeating Terminated Processes

+ (Symbol)

Symbol that represents the process type in process chain maintenance.


The variant name is determined internally and is not specified in the variant maintenance.

No Mail

Process chain mail service is not being used because the process type has implemented its own mail handling.

Process Category

Group of process types in process chain maintenance.


Number for the position within the process category at which the process type is displayed in process chain maintenance.

Documentation Type

Documentation type for connecting documentation to the process type.

Documentation Object

Documentation object for connecting documentation to the process type.

BW Only

Restricts a process type so that it can only be used in the BW standard client. In this case, the process type is not shown in the selection list in process chain maintenance when non-BW clients are used. The system highlights the corresponding processes as having errors when it checks the process chain.