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The BW Background Management, Logs and Tools screen provides functions for managing background processes and parallel processes in the BW system.

It also includes various reports for BW system management which primarily improve the performance for request accesses and which have to be executed after the upgrade. SAP Support in particular can use the debugging functions and a central log search to detect and analyze any errors.

You can find the functions of BW Background Management, Logs and Tools in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the Administration function area under Batch Manager (transaction RSBATCH).

Functions for managing background and parallel processes in BW

The Background and Parallel Processes tab page offers the following functions:

Reports for BW System Management

You can run various check, conversion, and repair reports on the Reports tab page.


Some of these reports need to be executed after an upgrade.

More information: Executing Checking and Conversion Programs

Functions for Finding and Analyzing Errors in BW

The Support Tools tab page offers functions that primarily help SAP Support with the following tasks for detecting and analyzing errors:

  • Finding logs and protocols for BW processes in various areas

    Choose Search Logs in BW. You can use different criteria to search for logs and messages. Searches supported include logs for ABAP runtime errors (ST22), SysLogs (SM21), application logs (SLG1), monitor logs, job logs (SM37), traces for SM50, logs for BW background management, and transport logs and activation search results.

  • Debugging processes of BW background management

    You can specify selections for debugging a BW process that is managed in BW background management ( Debug Selections) and debug this BW process directly ( Execute Debugging).