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The various integration scenarios between BW and the portal are secured with authorizations.


The administrators in BW and the portal require authorizations for the following transactions and tools in order to make settings:

  • In order to use functions of BEx Information Broadcasting, you need to maintain administration authorizations. To do this, use authorization object S_RS_ADMWB with the field RSADMWBOBJ = BR_SETTING (see: Overview: Authorization Objects).

  • The BEx tools are protected by the general authorizations in BW. For more information, see Authorizations for Query Definition and Information Broadcasting.

  • BEx Information Broadcasting generates and uses documents and links in Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management protects these documents and links using access control lists (ACL). Individual documents, links and folders can be provided with authorizations.

    During precalculation of BEx Web Applications using Information Broadcasting, documents are generated in the BW system in background processing and these are then stored in Knowledge Management for the portal. During background processing, the service user bw_service is used (see ‎ Information Broadcasting as Background Processing). Make sure that users do not have access to all Knowledge Management folders, but only those you deem necessary.

    Access Control Lists (ACL) are maintained in Knowledge Management. Authorizations can be maintained at the document, link or folder.

    • You can display all repositories and their content with the iView Start of the navigation path Content Administration Next navigation step KM Content End of the navigation path.

    • The details can be opened using the popup menu.

    • You can set the authorizations using Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Authorizations End of the navigation path. You can only maintain the authorizations if you are the owner of the object.