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Defining Analysis AuthorizationsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, choose Start of the navigation path Business Explorer Next navigation step Manage Analysis Authorizations End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose Individual Maintenance.

  3. Enter a technical name for the authorization.

  4. Under Version, any existing BI Content authorizations are displayed. You can also choose from different versions of authorizations here. You can also deactivate the runtime version. This allows you to check for example how the system would behave without this authorization.

  5. Choose Create Authorization or Change Authorization. The Maintain Authorizations screen appears.

  6. Enter a description for the authorization.

  7. Add the characteristics 0TCAACTVT (activity), 0TCAIPROV (InfoProvider) and 0TCAVALID (validity) using Insert Special Characteristics.


    We recommend adding these special characteristics to every authorization.

    You do not have to add these special characteristics to every authorization, but doing so will provide greater transparency. Every user has to have authorizations for each of these special characteristics however.

    In the default setting, they are assigned standard values in the intervals:

    Read (03) is set as the default activity. Always Valid (*) is set as the validity, and All (*) is set for the InfoProvider. You also need to assign the activity Change (02) for changes to data in Integrated Planning.

  8. Choose Insert Row. Using input help, you can select characteristics and navigation attributes that were previously flagged as authorization-relevant.

    If you want to create an authorization for a specific InfoProvider, you can choose InfoCube Authorizations instead and select an InfoProvider. This makes selecting the characteristics easier. The system then determines the characteristics in this InfoProvider that have been flagged as authorization-relevant. You can select the required characteristics and specify if aggregation authorization (:) or full authorization (*) is to be assigned.

  9. By choosing Detail Maintenance of Characteristic/Dimension, you can call the screeen for maintaining values and hierarchy authorizations for the characteristic.

  10. On the Value Authorizations tab page, you can specify an interval or a single value. You have the following options:

    • Using the information in the Including/Excluding column, you define whether this value or value interval is included or excluded ( Excluding is only possible for 0TCAVALID). Using the Operator column, you can still specify this information.

    • You can insert an exit variable using Insert Exit Variable. See Authorizations with Variables.

    • You can use Check to see whether your specifications make sense. For a more detialed explanation, see the long texts for the messages displayed when you click the messages.

  11. On the Hierarchy Authorizations tab page, you can specify one or more hierarchies. With the Hierarchy Authorization Maintenance Dialog you can

  12. Save and activate the authorization. Only active authorizations can be assigned to users. While the data is being saved, the system checks the format of the value authorizations and displays a warning if there is a problem. The system corrects errors and adds them to the log.


The authorization can only be assigned to one user.

See Assigning Authorizations to Users.

The authorization can be transported to other systems.