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The Parameters tab page displays all the selected objects that are available for background processing in exception reporting and alerts.


On the Parameters tab page, you select the exceptions, follow-up actions, and characteristics that you want to include in background processing.


The Parameters tab page consists of the Available Objects and the Selected Objects tree structures with the following functions:

Tree Structure


Available objects

The objects you can select for background processing are displayed here.


The following are displayed:

Exceptions of the selected query.

The intervals belonging to the query are also listed, along with threshold values and their notification priorities.

Follow-up actions

You can select from the following:

Send Message

The recipient is informed by email or SMS (Short Message Service) of the number of exceptions found.

SeeEditing Follow-Up Actions: Send Message

Alert Monitor Entry

The exceptions that are found are logged in a table (exception log) and displayed in the monitor. The recordings are bundled together in the form of simple drilldowns (views)

SeeEditing Follow-Up Actions: Alert Monitor Entry


The alert data is exported and can be used as a work item in a customer-specific workflow.

SeeEditing Follow-Up Actions: Export.


The following are displayed:

Characteristics of the selected query

It does not matter whether these characteristics have been moved to an axis or defined as free characteristics in the query definition.

Selected Objects

The objects you select for background processing are collected here.