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Determining the SAP System Connection InformationLocate this document in the navigation structure


The TREX admin tool (stand-alone) can connect to an SAP system in two ways.

  • Through a specific application server of the SAP system (variant A)
  • Through the message server of the SAP system (variant B)

    This variant uses the load-balancing function for the SAP system. The message server assigns the request from the TREX admin tool to any application server.

Depending on the variant used, the TREX admin tool requires different connection information for the SAP system. You must determine the connection information and specify it later in the TREX admin tool.


SAP recommends using variant B. Variant A has the disadvantage that the connection does not work if the application server is not available.


  1. Open the SAP Logon.

    SAP Logon is the program that you use to log on to an SAP system.

  2. Note the following connection information:
    Connection Setup Type Required Connection Information

    Through an application server (variant A)

    • SAP system ID (SID)
    • System number
    • Application server host name

    Through the message server (variant B)

    • SAP system ID (SID)
    • Logon group, such as PUBLIC
    • Message server host name