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If the source system has Release Service API 7.0 (Plug-In-Basis 2005.1) or higher - or Plug-In 2004.1 SP10 for 4.6C source systems - and the requests end in PSA, data transfer is controlled using the qRFC outbound queue.

When registering the BW destination in the QOUT scheduler, set the following parameters for the data transfer:


    The maximum number of dialog work processes used for the data transfer is set by parameter MAXCONN during registration of the BW destination in the QOUT scheduler. The default setting is 10. The best choice to make here depends on the configuration of the application server that you are using for the data transfer.

    In this case, the settings you have made for the SAPI-driven data transfer in the control parameters for the data transfer (entries in ROIDOCPRMS and ROOSPRMS) only affect the number of processes with which the data packages from the extraction process are submitted to the tRFC for transfer.


    You can use the MAXTIME parameter in the QOUT scheduler to set the maximum processing in seconds for a destination. This option makes it possible to assign individual queries more processing time and to restrict the processing time for others. The default setting is 60 seconds.

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