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Reloading Request Administration DataLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can reload archived administration data for requests into the BI administration and log tables.


In order to avoid unnecessary reloads from the archive, we recommend only archiving administration data for requests where the data is more than three months old and will probably not be edited again. You definitely do not need to compress or activate this data again for example.


The following processes and functions perform a write access to a request and require, for editing purposes, that you reload the request administration data from the archive.

  • Deleting Requests

  • Deleting the Entire Content of the Data Target

  • Editing data from the PSA through InfoPackages (3.x) or through the process type Read PSA and Update Data Target

  • Posting Data to Other Data Targets

  • Changing the QM Status in the Extraction Monitor or DTP Monitor

  • Restructuring from the PSA

  • Activating Requests

If data is to be updated from an InfoProvider in the 3.x data flow, the system creates a new request. The system does not use the original load request for the update. A new request is also created when you further process data from the PSA using a data transfer process. Therefore, the archive does not have to be read when request data for which administration data has already been archived is further processed or updated; request administration data is not reloaded.


The following functions are available:

  • In Archive Administration (transaction SARA), you can reload an entire archiving run. More information: Reloading Data

  • In the Data Warehousing Workbench, in archive administration for the request (transaction RSREQARCH), you can reload administration data for the individual requests in an archiving run. More information: Archive Administration for Request Administration Data


    Note that the statistics in the archive administration of transaction SARA only display the number of reloaded requests, if all the requests of an archiving run have been reloaded.

  • When you attempt to acquire write access to a request that has archived administration data (if you need to edit a request of this type for example), the administration data is reloaded (after the user has confirmed a confirmation prompt). If the request is accessed in the background, the system automatically reloads the administration data. More information: Editing Requests with Archived Administration Data