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The Web Container Service is an implementation of a container for Java EE Web components. It complies with Java Servlet 2.5 Specification, JavaServer Pages 2.1 Specification and JavaServer Faces 1.2 Specification. This implies that the AS Java's Web Container observes certain Java EE standards and provides all functions required by these standards.

The most important function of the Web Container Service is to enable the life cycle management of Web applications. It also helps developing and running session and security-aware Web applications.


The Web Container Service is based on the communication infrastructure of the HTTP Provider Service . The first one manages Java EE Web components across a cluster environment, generates dynamic responses, and so on. The second service is used to deliver requests and transfer response data back to the client.


You can perform the following configuration and administration tasks using the Web Container Service.

Using Telnet you can list the HTTP sessions and the security policy domains for all running applications of the Web Container.

More information: Administration Using Telnet