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Working with Remote Delta Link ContentLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: remote delta link

Applies to: consumers


The functionality described in this topic does not apply to an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment system without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC).

After a content administrator has created remote delta links on the consumer portal, the administrator manages the remote-based content as other local content. Certain restrictions and limitations apply, as discussed in this topic.

Common Administrative Tasks

Some of the common administrative tasks you perform with remote delta link content on the consumer portal include the following:

  • Assigning remote-based iViews and pages to local pages.

  • Assigning remote-based pages (and iViews) to local worksets and roles.

  • Assigning remote-based worksets to local roles.

  • Assigning remote-based roles to local users and groups.


    Creating a remote delta link to a role does not include the user assignments made to the source role on the producer.

  • Editing copied objects.


    A content administrator using the Page editor can only hide existing content in the page, edit object properties, and switch layouts already assigned to a remote delta link page. The administrator cannot add or remove content and layouts from a remote delta link page.

  • Preparing properties in remote-based iViews and page for end-user personalization.

General portal administration tasks are described in Content Administration .

For information about using business objects in a federated portal network scenario, see Using Object-Based Navigation in a Federated Portal Network .

See also Assigning End-User Permission to FPN Content .

Synchronizing Content Updates

Standard delta link behavior applies to remote delta link content, whereby the source object resides on the producer portal and the target object resides on the consumer portal. For example:

  • If a property is modified in an object on the producer, the modification is applied to the same property in the corresponding remote delta link object on the consumer.

  • However, if a property is modified in remote delta link object on the consumer, the inheritance is broken. Any subsequent modifications to the same property in its source object on the producer are no longer updated in the target object on the consumer; unless the delta link between the objects has been restored (see Resetting Properties ).

Modifications made by content administrators to source objects on the producer portal are transferred to their corresponding target delta link objects on the consumer portal at set intervals. A system administrator on the consumer portal can also initiate on-demand updates. For more information about setting automated updates and performing a manual content update, see:


In addition to the issues described in this topic, other limitations and restrictions apply when using remote delta link content on a consumer portal. For more information, see the technical aspects described in 'Remote Delta Link' Mode .