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Setting the Root Browse Folder for Remote WSRP UsageLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: WSRP application sharing

Applies to: producers

You can define the root Portal Catalog folder on the producer portal that is shared with a remote non-SAP consumer browsing your content over WSRP. All the subfolders under the root folder are also shared.

The benefits of defining the shared root folder are as follows:

  • Restricting the content folders the producer exposes to consumers.

  • Improving performance by reducing the amount of content that needs to be sent via the network by the producer and retrieved by the consumer.

  • The default root folder is pcd:portal_content , which is the root folder of the entire Portal Catalog. If you do not change it, any content in this folder and subfolders that inherit permissions from that folder, are exposed via WSRP.

  • The settings described here are the same for all consumers; you cannot set a different root folder per consumer.


You have access to SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

  1. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, access the following portal application and service:

    • Portal application:

    • Service: AutoGenProducer1_0

    For information about accessing and configuring portal services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator .

  2. In the content_root_folder property, enter the PCD path of the root folder. For example: pcd:portal_content/WSRP_content .

  3. Save your changes.

Note that after setting the root folder, remote consumers cannot automatically view all content in the folder area you set. You still need to provide access permissions to the portal user you defined for each consumer and to configure certain iView properties. For more information, see: