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Exposing Content on the Producer for 'Remote Delta Link' UsageLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: remote delta link

Applies to: producers

To support the design-time workflow and runtime activities for remote delta link usage, the system administrator on the producer portal must set permissions to its iViews, pages, roles, and worksets.

This topic describes the portal permissions that must be set on the producer portal to allow:

  • Content administrators on the consumer portal to view and copy the remote content from the producer portal.

  • Business users accessing a localized iView on the consumer portal to run the portal component located on the producer portal.

  • The same user base exists on both producer and consumer portals.

  • Content (pages, iViews, worksets, and roles) has been created and exists on the producer portal.

  • You have owner permission for the pages, iViews, worksets, and roles that you want to expose.

  • You have access to the Permissions editor in the portal.


In the Permissions editor on the producer portal, assign the following permissions:

Object (on Producer)

Target User on Consumer (Assignee)

Permission Level


Portal component

Business user

End user: enabled

In remote delta link mode, the portal component on the producer is executed at runtime. Therefore, you must assign end-user permission to the relevant business users from the consumer to the iView's portal component on the producer portal. Portal components are located in the Security Zones folder in the Portal Catalog.


In most cases, there should be no need to modify the already set permissions in the security zone. Most content is assigned to the Low safety level, for which the Authenticated Users group is already given end-user permission. Thus, all non-anonymous users logged on to the portal are already permitted to use this content since they belong to the Authenticated Users group.

iView, page, workset, role

Content administrator

Administrator: read

Assign at least administrator read permission to content administrators on the consumer so they can view the remote content in their Portal Catalog and create remote delta links from it.


Administrator permissions are not needed for producer-side content if the consumer is creating remote delta links using other mechanisms, such as portal transport (see Transporting Portal Objects ).

End user: enabled


End user: disabled

Since content administrators on the consumer cannot preview remote content, the end user permission setting has no relevance for remote delta links.

To preview remote content, first copy the content to the consumer and then preview the remote-based local instances.

Note that the system administrator on the consumer portal must also set permissions so that your shared content on the producer is available to content administrators and end users on the consumer portal. For example, permissions must be set on the consumer to remote-based local content and to the producer object that represents your producer instance.

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