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Creating Access Users on the Producer for Non-SAP ConsumersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have access to the Identity Management tool on the producer portal.


Content usage mode: WSRP application sharing

Applies to: producers

Before a remote non-SAP consumer portal can register with an SAP NetWeaver producer portal, you need to create a unique portal user on the producer portal for the remote consumer. The portal user must be used by a remote non-SAP portal to log on to your producer portal and to register itself as consumer of your producer portal.

Creating a portal user for each consumer has the following security-related benefits:

  • Upon registration, the system administrator in the consumer portal is required to enter the logon ID and password of its corresponding portal user. A system administrator in the producer portal is responsible for generating the password.

  • Through the use of portal permissions, the system administrator or content administrator in the producer portal can assign preselected iViews and folders in the Portal Catalog per consumer by assigning the appropriate portal permissions.

Each portal user represents its corresponding consumer portal as a single entity, including all its users; there is no need for you to create a portal user for each user in the consumer's user base.


  1. In the producer portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path User Administration Next navigation step Identity Management End of the navigation path.
  2. Create a new user. The important fields you need to configure are:
    • Logon ID : Enter a name that clearly represents the consumer portal.

    • Define Initial Password : Choose this option.

    • Define Password : Enter an initial password for the user.

  3. Save the settings of the user you created.
  4. Before sending the logon ID and password to the consumer, log in to the portal at least once with the credentials of the new portal user.
  5. Change the initial password when requested.
  6. Send your portal URL with the logon ID and password of the portal user that you generated.

    You may want to send the registration information to the consumer only after you have assigned portal permissions to the content that you want exposed to the remote consumer (see Exposing WSRP iViews on the Producer for Non-SAP Consumers ).