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Consuming Remote iViews and Portlets by WSRP Application SharingLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: WSRP application sharing

Applies to: consumers


The functionality described in this section does not apply to an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment system without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC).

A content administrator on an SAP NetWeaver consumer portal can view the portlets and iViews exposed by a remote non-SAP or SAP NetWeaver producer portal, respectively. The content administrator on the consumer can then create local iViews that reference the remote portlets or iViews on the producer; these local iViews are called proxy-to-portlet iViews .

Typically, this mode is intended to support an SAP NetWeaver content administrator that wants to consume portlets residing on a remote non-SAP producer. It also supports SAP NetWeaver-to-SAP SAP NetWeaver connections; however, using the remote delta link mode has numerous advantages over WSRP application sharing (see 'Remote Delta Link' Mode ).


The content administrator on the consumer portal does the following:

  1. Creates a proxy-to-portlet iView based on a remote portlet or iView using Generic Portal Application Layer (GPAL) or the iView wizard.

  2. Tests the proxy-to-portlet iView on the consumer portal.

  3. Assigns the proxy-to-portlet iView to local pages, worksets, or roles.