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Consuming Content as Remote Delta LinksLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: remote delta link

Applies to: consumers


The functionality described in this section does not apply to an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment system without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC).

The remote delta link usage mode allows a content administrator on an SAP NetWeaver consumer portal to browse from remote the Portal Catalog of an SAP NetWeaver producer portal, and to then copy remote roles, worksets, pages, and iViews as delta link content. After the remote delta link objects have been created locally as remote delta links on the consumer portal, a content administrator can then manage this content as any other local object.


The content administrator of the consumer portal can do any of the following:

  • Add remote objects (iViews, pages, and worksets) from the producer directly to local pages, worksets, and roles on the consumer without first creating local unit objects on the consumer.

  • Create local unit objects on the consumer based on remote objects (iViews, pages, worksets, and roles) from the producer, and then assign the unit objects to local pages, worksets, and roles.