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Alert Management must know who the recipients of alerts of a particular category are, so that it can inform the correct parties. There are various ways of determining the recipients of alerts.


You have defined the alert category for which the recipients are to be determined. For more information, see Defining Alert Categories. In addition, the authorization activities should be assigned to your SAP user as described in section Authorization Concept


The various options for determining recipients are detailed below. They can be used in combination.

User subscription

The user chooses the alert categories that are relevant for him or her. Subscription is implemented as the Business Server Page (BSP) application ALERTSUBSCRIPTION. A user can only subscribe to alert categories for which he or she has the authorization. This authorization is assigned to roles using Subscription Authorization in the alert category definition environment (transaction ALRTCATDEF). If the user has the role to which a particular alert category is assigned, he or she can subscribe to that alert category in the alert inbox.

Administrator Determines Recipients

A system administrator determines the recipients of a particular alert category in the definition environment (transaction ALRTCATDEF). The administrator can define individual recipients (using Fixed Recipients) or roles (using Recipients Via User Roles). If a role is specified, all recipients who have the assigned role receive the alerts of the category in question.

Application Determines Recipients

For recipient determination during runtime, applications can pass specific recipients to the alert server in the API. If the application knows precisely who is to receive a particular alert instance, the application can pass the specific recipients to the alert server in the API. This might be on the basis of the organization model or application customizing, for example. The application must ensure that the recipients are authorized to receive the particular alert. These recipients will receive the alert regardless of whether they have subscribed to the relevant alert category.

If an alert is triggered by calling a function module, the application passes the recipients in the table IT_RECIPIENTS, which is declared as a table of the structure SALRTSRCP.


Since recipients can be determined in various ways, the reason for a recipient receiving an alert may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, the recipient also receives an explanation as to why he or she is receiving the alert. These reasons are implemented as messages of the class SALERT and can include variables. Several reasons are supplied as standard and it is possible to add application-specific reasons.