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UWL Configuration for Viewing ALM alertsLocate this document in the navigation structure


This documentation is only relevant if you have an SAP Enterprise Portal installed and configured in your landscape.

The Universal Worklist (UWL) of Enterprise Portal can poll for ALM alerts in the ALM system and display the alerts.


The following describes the basic steps necessary to view ALM alerts in the UWL. You find further information in the UWL configuration documentation:

  1. The ALM system has to be made known to the Portal ( Start of the navigation path System Configuration Next navigation step Portal Content Next navigation step alertsystems End of the navigation path).

  2. Then the system has to be determined as UWL system in the UWL administration with the connector AlertConnector.

  3. Finally, the users between Portal and the ALM system have to be mapped in the user mapping so that the portal user knows under which user the ALM alerts can be found in the ALM system.