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Maintaining a RuleLocate this document in the navigation structure


The data passed to the rule is included in the alert container.


Alert Management provides you with the flexibility to maintain a rule which meets your demands, such as maintaining a rule which addresses alert recipients at a certain time.


  1. Ensure that you are in change mode in the rule maintenance environment (transaction PFAC). For more information on the transaction, see Rules for Agent Determination for Tasks.

  2. Enter a name for the new rule and choose Create.

  3. On the Rule Definition tab page, enter a short description of the rule and select a category for the rule definition. You have selected the data passed to the rule.

  4. Under Description, enter information about the newly-created rule.

  5. On the Container tab page, choose Create Element and create rule container elements corresponding to the alert container elements you want to use in the rule. Save your entries.


    The rule container is the counterpart to the alert container. You should use a name that is similar or the same to identify the containers later on. The content of the container does not have to be the same.

    For information, see Rule-Based Proposal for Binding Definitions.

  6. On the Responsibilities tab page, choose Create Responsibility and confirm the pop-up.

  7. On the screen Responsibility Change for Rule... specify the responsibilities in the table Responsibility Specs. Save your entries.

  8. Return to Rule Maintenance (transaction PFAC) and select the responsibilities you created above.

  9. On the Responsibilities tab page, assign a user by selecting the rule and choosing Insert agent assignment. Select an object type and create a relationship between the user and the defined responsibilities. See Maintenance of Agent Assignment for more information. Save your entries.


You have created a recipient rule. Note the rule number for the test described in Defining Alert Categories.