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There are several options that can be configured concerning the processing of alerts. These settings affect all alerts of all categories processed using the current system as the central alert system. For the general use of the Alert Management you do not have to change the default settings. However, if for example you want to be able to confirm alerts by SMS/Internet mail, or to have logs written, then you have to configure alert processing.


The authorization activities as described in section Authorization Concept are assigned to your SAP user.

  1. From the alert category definition environment (transaction ALRTCATDEF), choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Configuration End of the navigation path.

  2. Ensure you are in change mode.

  3. If you want to be able to confirm alerts by SMS or Internet mail, you must enter the user created to receive all incoming mails in the Inbound Processing section. For more information, see Alert Confirmation.

  4. In the Status Handling for Mails section, you can specify which statuses are to be reported. The first setting refers to the system being informed, and the second refers to a status mail being sent to the sender.

  5. In the Logging section, select Write Log only if you want additional information about the actual processing of the alerts. This information is logged using the standard application log and can be viewed in transaction SLG1 (object ALERT).


You have configured the alert processing.


If the alerts are sent from the central alert with external communication methods (e-mail, sms, or fax), the chosen external communication method must be correctly configured in SAPconnect.