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SAP's component model is a programming model for software. The idea is that by dividing software projects into different components, you can organize them right from the start into comprehensible and reusable units. Components can use other components in a well-defined and controlled manner, encapsulate child components, or publish their functions in a set of public interfaces (the so called public parts).


You must work with components to be able to use all types of development projects (including Web Dynpro).


The component model is independent of the technology you use and can easily be integrated into different languages and platforms. It is based on dividing the sources of a software into components, which makes it platform-independent.

More information:

In the component model there are two main elements:

  • Software components (SCs).

    These are delivery and installation units, which group the different development components. More information: Software Components .

  • Development components (DCs).

    These are the development and build units you use in your daily work; they group the development objects without overlapping. More information: Development Components .