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This section describes tasks that are performed by the ICF administrator, with particular focus on configuration and administration of the server and client role. You will also find information here about error handling in ICF.


In the server role, you configure the processing of incoming HTTP requests. The HTTP Request Handler implements the application logic called by the request. The HTTP connection is modeled using the interface


As the client, ICF sends HTTP requests to other web servers. The HTTP connection is modeled using the IF_HTTP_CLIENT interface. An ABAP application program can send requests to the Internet and receive and process responses from the HTTP server.

Periodic Tasks

Various tools are available for error handling and monitoring purposes.

  • Logging

  • Runtime Analysis

  • ICM Monitor

  • Message Server Monitor

  • Central Monitoring Functions

Event-Driven Tasks

  • Debugging

  • Traces

  • Parsing URLs

  • ICF Recorder

More Information

The following sections provide details about administration functions: