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You can also monitor ICF processes using the central AS ABAP monitoring functions. The central monitoring functions are mainly used to analyze resource consumption, system workload and performance problems.

You can use this to find out, for example, whether certain processes consume too many resources in the ICF environment.

  • Transaction Analysis

    The Business Transactions Analysis (transaction STAD) calculates the system resource usage of individual transactions for SAP Systems and provides a detailed analysis of a transaction and the dialog steps.

  • Workload Monitor

    The Workload Monitor (transaction ST03N) displays statistical data for the local ABAP system. The workload overview enables you to analyze the performance of a system.

  • Global Workload Monitor

    The Global Workload Monitor (transaction ST03G) displays statistical records for entire landscapes and therefore allows you to analyze statistics data for both SAP and non-SAP systems.

  • Functional Trace

    You can display raw statistical data (individual records) and traces from ABAP and non-ABAP systems from complex system landscapes using the functional trace.

  • Performance Trace

    The performance trace (transaction ST05) allows you to record the following actions and display the logged measurement results in lists:

    • Database calls

    • Lock management calls

    • Internal report and transaction calls

    • Remote calls

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