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After you have created an ICF service and tested it successfully, you can transport it into other systems in your test or production environment. ICF services are transported in accordance with the configuration of the Transport Management System.


You have created your ICF services as part of a development package and not as local objects.


Note the following points when you transport ICF services:

  • If you create a service, ensure that the service is always transported from the original system.

  • The services delivered by SAP should never be deleted. If you want to prevent the service from being used, you can deactivate it (see Activating and Deactivating ICF Services).

  • If anonymous logon data exists for a service, this data is deleted when the service is transported. This means that you may need to enter it again.

  • To transport external aliases, you need to perform additional actions. For information about transporting external aliases, see External Aliases.

More Information

For a general introduction to the Change and Transport System, see the following: