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The interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION must be implemented by all HTTP request handlers. This interface guarantees that the Internet Communication Framework interacts consistently with the HTTP request handlers, regardless of the handlers'individual purposes.


The only method belonging to this interface is HANDLE_REQUEST. This method is called by the ICF manager for an inbound request. A reference to the interface IF_HTTP_SERVER is given as an argument, so that the HTTP request handler can access the request and response data. As soon as the HTTP request handler has executed its processes for the request, it simply exits the call for the method HANDLE_REQUEST and passes control over to the ICF manager.

The behavior of the HTTP request handler during its lifetime is controlled by the attribute IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~LIFETIME_RC. A HTTP request handler can itself specify which other HTTP request handlers come next. To do this, it uses the attribute IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~FLOW_RC.


The structure of the interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION is described in the following sections: