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Creating an HTTP Request HandlerLocate this document in the navigation structure


To create an HTTP request handler, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction SE24 ( Class Builder) and create a class that represents the HTTP request handler.

  2. Assign interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION to the class that you have created.

  3. Implement method HANDLE_REQUEST(). To do so, double-click on HANDLE_REQUEST.

  4. To be able to access request and response data, use the interface IF_HTTP_SERVER as an argument of the method HANDLE_REQUEST().

  5. If you want to process an incoming request in more detail, use the attributes FLOW_RC und LIFETIME_RC. These attributes are supported by the interface IF_HTTP_EXTENSION. You can use the method HANDLE_REQUEST() to fill the attributes with content.

    Analyzing a Request

    To enable you to react flexibly to a request, you have the option of analyzing form, header and body fields.