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Deleting Messages and Parameters from BW Background ManagementLocate this document in the navigation structure


Delete the messages from BW background management as well as the internal parameters of the background processes that are executed by background management on a regular basis. This prevents table RSBATCHDATA from overflowing.


You are on the BW Background Management, Logs and Tools screen (transaction RSBATCH).

  1. On the Background and Parallel Processes tab page, choose Deletion Selections.
  2. On the next screen, define after how many days the internal messages of BW background management and the internal parameters of the background processes should be deleted.

    We recommend that you delete messages and parameters that are older than 30 days. This setting should normally prevent table RSBATCHDATA from being overfilled. When defining the deletion selections, make sure that you keep the data as long as necessary in order to track any problems that might occur.

  3. To define the starting conditions for the deletion job, choose Schedule.

    We recommend that you run the job on a daily basis.

  4. Save the start conditions.
  5. On the next screen, enter the server on which the job should run and choose Copy.

    The deletion job is scheduled.

    To stop a job or to remove it from scheduling, choose Stop.

    If you want to call the job overview for deletion jobs, choose Display Delete Job(s).