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The Web service for reading an object from the Integration Directory is described in the Read operations of the service interface <Configuration Object Type>In.

If no object is found for a specified object key, then an error message is displayed.

The following message types are assigned to the operation:

  • <Configuration Object Type>ReadRequest

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>ReadIn

    This data type has the following parameters:

    • ReadContext

      Using these optional parameters you can specify whether you want to read active objects or inactive objects (default) that are locked in your change list.

      Possible Values:

      User: reads inactive objects in your change list.

      Active: Only reads active objects.

    • <Configuration Object Type>ID (object key)

      An object key uniquely identifies an object. For more information on object keys in general, see Object Keys for Configuration Objects.

      The object key is object-type-specific. You can find further information in the description of the Web Service for the object type.

  • <Configuration Object Type>ReadResponse

    Contains parameters that are displayed when an object is read. The Web Service returns the object complete with all attributes.

    Based on the data type <Configuration Object Type>ReadOut.