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To retrieve the Web Services of the programming interface, you must first generate or program a Web Service client. To do so, you need the WSDL file that describes the Web service.

To access the Web service description, open the relevant objects in the ES Repository (service interfaces and dependent objects).


Alternatively, you can access the Web Service description in the Web Services Navigator.

For more information, see: Calling WS Using Test Environment (Web Services Navigator)


The ESR objects are in the Enterprise Services Repository in the software component version SAP BASIS 7.11 in the namespace http// .

To open the relevant objects, proceed as follows:

  1. Call the Enterprise Services Repository and in software component version SAP BASIS 7.11 in namespace select the folder Integration Directory API .

  2. Select the subfolder for the configuration object which you want to access using the interface (for example, Communication Channel ).

  3. If you would like to use the Web Service descriptions that you have received from the related ESR objects, then you must fill in the missing details. The WSDL file from the Enterprise Services Repository does not yet contain all the information that is required at runtime. This includes the binding for HTTP access and the service port.