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You can find the Web service descriptions of the program interface in the Enterprise Services Repository in software component version SAP BASIS 7.30 in namespace in the folder Integration Directory API .

You find a folder for each object type after which the object type is named (for example the Communication Channel folder for the ESR objects that refer to communication channels).

ESR objects that refer to change lists are found in the Change List folder, cross-object type ESR objects are in the Common folder.

The Web service descriptions are essentially constructed in the following ways.

Description of Available Operations

A service interface is defined in the ES Repository for each Web services, it describes the operations that you can use on the configuration object of the change list in the Integration Directory. Each operation is based on message types that describe which parameters you can or have to transfer (and receive back again) when calling the Web service for a specific action.


You can create a communication channel with a message of type CommunicationChannelCreateRequest .

You can search for communication channels in the Integration Directory using CommunicationChannelQueryRequest . You get the response in the form of a message of type CommunicationChannelQueryResponse .

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Operations on Configuration Objects

Operations on Change Lists

Description of the Object Key and Object Attributes

Data types are defined in the ES Repository to describe the object key and object attributes of the current configuration object type.

For more information, see: Description of Object Types