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In the standard logon order, the following checks are performed in this order:

  1. Logon Using HTTP Fields

  2. Logon with SSL Certificate

  3. Logon with SAP Logon/Assertion Ticket

  4. Logon with SAP Assertion Ticket

  5. HTTP Basic Authentication

  6. Logon Using SAP User and Password (RFC Logon)

  7. Logon Using SAML

  8. Logon Using User Data Stored in Service


    If the All Logons flag is set, all logon procedures are checked one by one until a check is successful. If the flag is not set, only the first procedure in the sequence is checked. If it is not successful, an appropriate error appears.


    A logon procedure is then only checked when the corresponding logon data is also provided by the HTTP request.


If you want to use the standard logon order, proceed as follows:

  1. In transaction SICF, call the required service or service node.


    If you define the logon order in a service node, the settings are passed on to all services under this node, unless different data has been entered for them.

  2. Choose Change . The standard logon order is set as the default.

  3. If you want all selected logon procedures to be checked until a logon is successful, select the All Logons flag.

  4. Save your data by choosing .