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Maintaining the ICF Profile ParametersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use the function for maintaining profile parameters (transaction RZ11) to configure various system parameters that directly or indirectly affect how the ICF works.


In addition to the indirect ICF parameters, there are a number of other parameters that control functions such as layers (ICM, Web Dispatcher), thus influencing the ICF environment.


Before changing profile parameters, you need to inform yourself about their functions in the relevant documentation in transaction RZ11.


You can use the following parameters to directly control ICF processes:

ICF profile parameters





Parameters is/HTTP/virt_host_0 to is/HTTP_virt_host_9 define the depiction of computers and services used to address an HTTP request on a "virtual host". In turn, the virtual host controls request handler searches (see transaction SICF).

The definition of the virtual host beigns with the highest maintained parameter, continuing downwards. If, for example, you have maintained the parameters ../virt_host_0 to ../virt_host_5analysis will commence with ../virt_host_5 If this parameter corresponds, it will be used to define the request handler. If not, the analysis will continue from ../virt_host_4../virt_host_0.

When carrying out these steps, make sure that there are no "gaps". Otherwise, subsequent parameters will be ignored. If

the parameters ../virt_host_0 to ../virt_host_5 have been maintained, but not ../virt_host_6, then ../virt_host_7 will be


Parameter is/HTTP/virt_host_0 sets the default host (see transaction SICF).


Determines whether a client can change the SAP system profiler level

Changing this parameter might be necessary for diagnosis purposes.

However, for security reasons, this is not a standard option.

If you have activated one of these profile parameters, make sure that it is deactivated once the action is completed. This value influences the runtime of the HTTP request


Determines whether a client can change the SAP system recorder level


This parameter determines whether an external client may change the SAP System profiler level.


Determines whether an external client can change the SAP system recorder level.


This parameter is for SAP internal use


Switches the storage cache on/off

You can use the following parameters to indirectly control ICF processes:

Other relevant profile parameters




Parameter for controlling the ICM


Parameter for controlling the web dispatcher


To change profile parameters, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction RZ11.

  2. Read the documentation for the parameter that you want to change.

  3. Make any necessary changes to the parameter.

  4. Save your changes.

Note that dynamic changes to the parameter are lost next time the system is restarted. If you want to set the parameter permanently, you have to set this in the profile file (instance profile).

More Information

For detailed information on the control parameters for the ICF environment, see:

and the parameter documentation contained in transaction RZ11.

For information about the instance profile, see: