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In addition to the Integration Builder you will also find a programming interface (Application Programming Interface (AP)) with which you can access, edit, and activate objects in the Integration Directory.

The programming interface is based on the fundamental configuration options that are possible in the Integration Directory.

The Integration Directory programming interface is particularly useful in the following types of scenarios:

More information: Application Cases


This section of the documentation contains a description of the Integration Directory programming interface, as well as a description of procedures for using the programming interface.

Implementation Considerations

For compatibility reasons, the older versions of the programming interface that were delivered with lower releases of SAP NetWeaver PI (particularly SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 and SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1) are also provided.

Their use is, however, restricted.

For some the following restrictions apply when using the previous interface version:

Ideally, you use the older version of the programming interface when you have already worked with the programming interface before installing the current release of SAP NetWeaver and now want to proceed with this configuration work.

For more informationen on the older versions, see the documentation on the relevant product release in SAP Help Portal under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver PI End of the navigation path. Choose the language and release. In the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration library, choose Start of the navigation path Function-Oriented View Next navigation step Process Integration Next navigation step Integration Directory Next navigation step Using Tools for an Efficient Configuration Next navigation step Integration Directory Programming Interface End of the navigation path.


The programming interface consists of Web Services with which you can perform operations on configuration objects (for example, creating configuration objects or editing the attributes of configuration objects). The Web Services are fully implemented at the server and can be called by a valid client application.


Examples of Web Service clients are Java proxies that have been generated using the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, or also external programs.

In this documentation you find a description of the programming interface,

Differences from the Integration Builder

Using the programming interface you can carry out almost all those actions which you can also carry out using the user interface (Integration Builder).

Note the following differences in comparison to working with the Integration Builder:

  • The programming interface is mass-enabled, which means for example that you can create several objects of the same type at the same time.

  • Using the programming interface you can only edit your own change lists. You cannot take on and edit the change lists of other users.

  • There are no default change lists, which means that you must always specify a change list. Otherwise a new change list will be created.

  • If you would like to change only a few attributes in an object using the programming interface then you need to update all the attributes, not just those that have been changed. If you perform the same action using the Integration Builder, then the unchanged attributes are already set and need not be entered again. This means that the programming interface does not support 'delta handling'.


The following restriction applies when working with the programming interface:

You cannot create or change any folders in the Integration Directory.


However you can assign configuration objects to a specific folder.