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Making Mass Changes in the Integration Directory.

Using the programming interface you can make mass changes in the Integration Directory which you would not otherwise be able to do using the user interface, or at least only with a very time-consuming manual procedure.

You can realize the following possible applications:

  • If you have newly installed SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and would like to fill the Integration Directory with your existing configuration data then you can import the available configuration data using a program in the Integration Directory.

  • You can edit the same attributes in a large number of configuration objects at the same time.

  • If you move an object in the Enterprise Services Repository to another namespace or to another software component version, then you need to update the object reference for the configuration object concerned accordingly. You can do this for multiple configuration objects by using the programming interface.

Individually Presenting the Contents of the Integration Directory

You can retrieve and individually present the contents of the Integration Directory. You can create your own views of the contents of the Integration Directory, for example for the purpose of statistics.