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Restricting Authorizations for Transaction SICFLocate this document in the navigation structure


As an administrator, you can lock certain functions for other users in transaction SICF.


You have the ICF administrator authorization for the system where you are logged on and in which you want to make restrictions.


To maintain authorizations for transaction SICF, proceed as follows:

  1. Check your authorization profile:

    Authorization Object S_ADMI_FCD

    • Attribut S_ADMI_FCD

    • Value ICFA

  2. Execute transaction SICF. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path. The dialog box Administrator Settings now appears. You can now specify the following in transaction SICF:

    • Do not allow the recording function

    • Do not allow the trace function

    • Do not allow the debugging function

    • Do not allow the runtime analysis function


The chosen functions can no longer be executed by users in transaction SICF.