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You can perform external debugging in an environment that is based on load distribution.


Debugging under load distribution is only possible if the server being called is always the one on which the breakpoints have been set or activated. To do this, you need to temporarily change the server configuration:

Make sure that the RFC server group or logon group (transaction code SMLG or RZ12) being used is reduced to a single server for the duration of the debugging process.

This allows you to activate your external breakpoints on the configured server.


This step should only be performed in a test or development system. In a live system, it could lead to system overload.


Note that reconfiguration of the existing server group is not activated immediately. It can sometimes take up to 5 minutes. To avoid waiting for so long, you can reconfigure the load distribution with a new server group instead.

More Information

You can find detailed information on external debugging in the following SAP notes: