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By assigning communication components to application components, you implicitly determine the sender and receiver communication components of the connections of the process integration scenario. You can further refine the assignment of sender and receiver communication components at connection level by activating or deactivating individual sender/receiver relations for each connection.

Furthermore, you can assign communication channels and calculate collaboration agreements.


You have selected a process integration scenario (component view) in the model configurator and assigned communication components to application components.

More information:

Selecting a Component View

Assigning Communication Components

  1. Double-click a connection arrow in the interactive figure. A screen area for configuring the connection is displayed. The navigation arrows enable you to navigate to the other connections in the process integration scenario.

  2. In the Configure Connection dialog, you can activate or deactivate the sender/receiver relations for the selected connection (checkboxes) To activate (deactivate) all sender/receiver relations, in the menu bar of the model configurator, choose Activate All Connections ( Deactivate All Connections ).

  3. Assign communication channels for all active sender/receiver relations (if applicable).

    More information: Assign Communication Channel .


Using the Generate All Connections for Communication and Generate All Connections for Integration Server Communication pushbuttons you can specify whether the objects for direct communication or for Integration Server communication are to be generated.

More information: Generated Objects